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Relief from the effects of

stress and trauma

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Man in motor vehicle accident needing recovery

It may surprise you to learn that many of your symptoms from your accident

are NOT due to the accident.


They are caused by your nervous system’s

response to your accident!





Here's what happens


Whether a trauma is physical, mental, emotional, sexual, birth, medical or any other kind of trauma, your body responds by activating your basic survival mechanism, the fight-or-flight response.


It can now be clinically measured that when a trauma is great enough, you can actually get stuck in a constant state of fight-or-flight.


After you've survived your trauma, this innate survival response is not only no longer needed, but actually may be causing many of your post-accident symptoms.




Here's what you need to understand


The symptoms of a nervous system chronically stuck in fight-or-flight are very often the same as those reported in motor vehicle accidents!


This is not a coincidence, yet it is completely overlooked in most post-accident treatment regimens.


• Could it be that many of your post-accident symptoms have less to do with your accident itself, and more to do with your nervous system being stuck in fight-or-flight?


• Could it be that you might be spending your time and energy mistakenly treating your symptoms, and not the underlying cause of those symptoms.


The answer to both questions is an emphatic YES!


Here's how Fight or Flight Therapy helped these accident victims.






Motor vehicle accident


Thank heavens for Fight or Flight Therapy. I've had two car accidents in the last 11 years. After each one I experienced increased anxiety, problems with concentration, general fearfulness and a feeling of being out of control.


After the first accident these symptoms went untreated and developed to the point that, though I lived in the mountains, I couldn't drive on mountain roads without trembling with anxiety. I tried a lot of therapies, quit my job and even moved to reduce the stress all this caused. But really, for 3 ½ years, nothing changed until I was referred for Fight or Flight Therapy.


In just two months (which required only 3 visits after my initial evaluation) all my symptoms were gone. No more anxiety, and mountain driving became a joy again. I felt smoother and softer in my life, which had the added bonus of helping me connect with my ailing mother in a deeper, more loving way. This was so special because it had seemed impossible before, but now it was effortless.


This year I had another accident that left me again feeling anxious, frazzled and unable to cope. After several weeks of no improvement and feeling miserable, I remembered what worked before.


Only 7 weeks of Fight or Flight Therapy later, life has once again returned to normal. I am forever grateful.


45 year old accountant



Motor vehicle accident


I found Fight or Flight Therapy a year and a half after my accident. At first I was skeptical about how a light therapy could help the many symptoms I had. But I must say the results have been more than I could have ever hoped for.


Some of my symptoms included the following:







motion sickness

chronic pain

fear of driving or being a passenger in a car

memory loss

organization problems

stress overload

lack of concentration

feeling overwhelmed

reading difficulties

chest pains


After only 3 months my symptoms were almost totally gone!


During the very first month I began to notice changes in my behavior patterns, processes, and reactions. My stress levels decreased tremendously to a point that, for the first time in my life,

I could even call myself 'low key'.


I used to have to work so hard to concentrate, and when reading I'd get headaches and fatigued easily. Now, concentration takes so much less effort and I can read for hours.


Other people have noticed changes in how I deal with specific situations that I wouldn't normally have been able to handle, like multi-tasking. An example of this is how I've begun communicating better with my husband. Before, arguments would start because I couldn't cope with house chores, or even conversation for that matter. Completing simple tasks would usually leave me feeling overwhelmed. I wasn't even able to go shopping, because I would become confused with all the choices and decisions.


Now I can complete my everyday chores and tasks without feeling anxious or stressed out. I am amazed at how fast my dizziness went away, and also my fear of driving in heavy traffic or being a passenger in a car. I procrastinate less and now my multi-tasking and organizational skills are amazing! My headaches and chest pains are gone. I rarely get depressed or have sleep problems.


I'm a totally different person.


The treatment procedure was fairly simple, taking only a few minutes once or twice daily.

I preferred to complete my treatment at night so that my mind was clear for a restful sleep. However, if I had time to fit a treatment session in earlier, I noticed that my day would run smoother, I was more poised, and I'd have more energy.


I would encourage everyone to try Dr. Tessler's light therapy treatment, especially people who are stuck in a life they feel is monotonous. I never thought my life of "going through the motions" would ever change, but it did!


41 yr old school teacher




Motor vehicle accident


After more than five years of post-accident treatment, my recovery had virtually stopped. Chronic neck and shoulder pain had become a fact of life. Then my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Tessler.


For five years I'd been living with blurred vision, deskwork fatigue, difficulty concentrating and comprehending, deteriorated night vision, anxiety while driving, and struggles to accurately judge on-coming traffic.


A week into light therapy I was skeptical. Nothing seemed to be happening, but I was determined to complete my first stage of treatment. After ten days I thought I noticed a very subtle sense of calm. I wondered if I was imagining things. I was not. From that point on, the improvements were steady.


Two months later my chronic neck and shoulder pain are gone. So are the episodes of blurred vision. I can concentrate and comprehend while at the computer, doing paperwork and reading for extended periods of time. My driving is more confident and relaxed, and I don't avoid night driving anymore.


Fight or Flight Therapy provided the missing piece of the puzzle in my recovery.


43 year old administrator




Motor vehicle accident


I was referred for Fight or Flight Therapy by my chiropractic neurologist, who felt that it would be beneficial to my healing process (resulting from) a traumatic automobile accident. I was at first skeptical, because I had already seen so many medical professionals over the last year, and was paying out-of-pocket for most of it.


Prior to the therapy, I was in a constant state of adrenaline rush, sometimes feeling like I was hyperventilating, (even) when I woke up in the morning. I could not cope, focus on my work, sleep well, etc. I was overwhelmed by even minor stresses.


Within the first few sessions, all of my symptoms had improved. I have just completed my therapy. I can honestly say that it has helped me dramatically. (Now) the quality of my life is so much better.


I am dramatically calmer, less anxious, more at peace. I have improved focus and concentration, increased motivation, improved cognitive function and improved multi-tasking. I am sleeping better, more rested, coping better, less reactive, enjoying reading again (couldn't before), driving better (anxious before), and not feeling inadequate or hopeless anymore.


I feel that Fight or Flight Therapy was a critical phase in my healing progress.


45 year old technical consultant



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Man in motor vehicle accident needing recovery
Man in motor vehicle accident needing recovery
Man in motor vehicle accident needing recovery
Man in motor vehicle accident needing recovery