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Man needing relief from an addiction


Can Fight or Flight Therapy help in addiction recovery?


While not a treatment for addiction, per se, Fight or Flight Therapy can be very effective in supporting recovery.


If you haven't been there, it's hard to imagine the stress on someone battling addiction. Especially in substance abuse, all the physiological, psychological and relational factors can be overwhelming.


Addiction, at the very minimum, is a stress to someone's system. In the world of substance abuse, it's all too often a threat to their very survival. Then, in the effort to recover, removal of the addictive agent itself, presents its own new challenge to their system.


It's easy to see how the fight-or-flight response, our basic survival mechanism, plays a key role throughout.


Could it be that many of struggles of recovery have less to do with the addiction itself, and more to do with a nervous system being stuck in fight-or-flight?


Here's how Fight or Flight Therapy helped this person struggling in her recovery:






Addiction recovery


The person that I was is not the person I am today.


When I was referred for Fight or Flight Therapy I was lost, sad and confused. Eleven months into my recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, I had constant anxiety, no direction in my life and still felt hopeless.


What has Fight or Flight Therapy meant for me? In just five months I have a brand new life. I no longer live in constant fear. I have direction and hope for the future. My old life is unimaginable to me now.


I feel better about myself and, instead of tearing myself down, I'm taking better care of ME. I'm eating better, exercising and have even quit smoking. Though impossible before, I've been able to go through the interviewing and training for employment and now have a fabulous new job.


Instead of being depressed and living in the past, I'm looking forward to my future.


I used to dread each day. Now I wake up each morning excited about life.


44 year old former chronic substance abuser




The Fight or Flight Questionnaire


Is Flight or Flight Therapy right for you?


These area a sampling of symptoms common to people stuck in fight or flight.


How many symptoms do you have?


You might be surprised, or maybe you will confirm what you already suspect.


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Man needing relief from an addiction
Man needing relief from an addiction
Man needing relief from an addiction
Man needing relief from an addiction
Man needing relief from an addiction