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Man needing relief from stress

Stress is defined as anything, good or bad, that throws us out of balance. Whether an irritant, challenge, threat or even something exhilarating, our innate survival mechanism, the fight-or-flight response, instinctively attempts to restore our system to balance.


Though stress can sometimes be a good thing (athletic competition, deadline-inspired creativity, rising to the occasion in an emergency), most of us think of stress as something bad. At minimum, it makes us temporarily uncomfortable and less efficient. Over time, it wears us down, effects our ability to\ function, and ultimately can make us sick.


Learn more: What is fight-or-flight?




Life is stressful


In today's stressful world, who has not been significantly stressed or traumatized?


It can now be clinically measured that, due to the stresses and traumas of our lives, nearly everyone is stuck in a constant state of survival, called fight-or-flight.


And, once stuck, we are no longer able to function at our best, making life that much more stressful.



Recognizing there is a problem


Many of us know we are functioning less efficiently than we were in the past. We remember a time prior to that stressful job, divorce, car accident, injury, illness, loss of a loved one, etc., when we were functioning more normally.


Unfortunately, others are less aware.  After all, life is stressful.  They just attempt to muscle through the tough times, pedaling as fast as they can.




Long-term effects


And when stress occurs over a long period of time, there might not be recognition that performance has gradually suffered. We may be unaware that our health and ability to function today is being limited by the stresses we experienced years earlier, or accumulated over time.


According to the National Institutes of Health and others, it's this heightened physiological state that leads to many of the chronic stress-related diseases so common today. For many, what we thought were the normal effects of aging, now appear to be, at least in part, the ill-effects of years of accumulated stress.




A tune up for your nervous system


Fight or Flight Therapy calms the stress response. It permanently resets your nervous system to a calmer place, making you more relaxed, less stressed and more resilient. Many of the things that stressed you before, no longer do. It takes much more to stress you, and much more to overwhelm you.


The reason Fight or Flight Therapy is so effective in reducing such a wide variety of symptoms is largely due to this calming of the nervous system. By reducing your stress and helping you become more resilient, Fight or Flight Therapy improves functioning on many different levels..


 Not just stress reduction: Stress RELIEF


Think how much money people spend going to spas and retreats in an effort to reduce stress. Getting away from the grind, getting massages, meditating and nurturing yourself feels great. Unfortunately, as we have all experienced, the benefits tend to be temporary. You may come back feeling great, but by Tuesday morning back on the job, you're right back into your stress.


Exercise, breathwork, relaxation techniques and different forms of meditation have long been shown to be beneficial in reducing daily stress. When practiced regularly, these techniques can be very effective. But that's the key: you can't stop. You have to keep doing them for them to be effective.




How is Fight or Flight Therapy different?


Fight or Flight Therapy goes far beyond stress reduction and relaxation techniques.


Fight or Flight Therapy is a short-term program designed specifically to calm your nervous system. As a tune up for your nervous system, your baseline of calm is re-defined, and relaxation occurs naturally. The changes tend to be permanent, meaning no on-going maintenance is required.


Life is just less stressful!




Here is how Fight or Flight Therapy helped these people with stress:





Note: Because stress relief is so fundamental in Fight or Flight Therapy, literally every testimonial and case report on this entire website could be listed here under Stress Relief.




A holistic practitioner who has meditated for many years, had a very interesting experience. During just the very first week of his Fight or Flight Therapy he reported a calm and peace that he had never experienced in all his years of meditation. His wife couldn't believe the changes. He promptly referred half a dozen of his clients.







I seem to be glowing. I'm functioning easier and better in my world. I am less stressed and handling new stress better. 'Overwhelm' is a thing of the past!


           52 yr. old administrator and single mother of three







What truly amazed me was that after just two days I was already noticing a difference. Immediately after a session I felt extremely relaxed and calm. This was most unusual for me, and within two weeks I was finding a remarkable calmness when I expected to be stressed.


Four weeks into the program I was a different person. I was thinking more clearly, doing things more efficiently, and sleeping (which had been a major problem) much more comfortably. It was just so pleasant not being so uptight.


Now I'm carefree! I feel everything in my life is different. Situations are the same, same stressful things, but I'm different, my response is different. I'm more philosophical instead of hysterical.  It's a totally different life. My therapies are working. I'm sleeping. It's wonderful!


60 year old business owner






My life after Fight or Flight Therapy:



I can relax now and know what it feels like to be relaxed.

I can CHOOSE not to be stressed.

I feel less inhibited.

I don't feel stuck any more. I have choices!

I am more proactive and out of my rut.

I now take better care of myself.

I am more concerned with myself and what makes me happy!

I am learning to set better boundaries and not put up with other people's stuff.

I feel more willing to take risks.

I feel more proactive and empowered.

I am receiving insights and I AM GOING WITH THE FLOW.

I am no longer hypervigilant.

I see life with a new perspective.


I now realize that overwhelm was part of my daily lifestyle, but no longer is.



47 year old body worker, office manager and mother







The Fight or Flight Questionnaire


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Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress
Man needing relief from stress