Fight or Flight


Relief from the effects of

stress and trauma

Concussion and

Traumatic Brain Injury

Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury



It may surprise you to learn that many of your TBI symptoms

are NOT due to your trauma.


They are caused by your nervous system’s

response to your trauma!




Here's what happens


It can now be clinically measured that when a trauma is great enough, you can actually get permanently stuck in a constant state of fight-or-flight.


After you've survived your trauma, this innate survival response is not only no longer needed,

but may actually be causing many of your TBI or concussion symptoms.




Here's what you need to understand


The symptoms of a nervous system chronically stuck in fight or flight are very often the same as those reported in TBI!


This is not a coincidence, yet it is completely overlooked in most TBI treatment regimens.


• Could it be that many of your post-trauma symptoms have less to do with your trauma itself, and more to do with your nervous system being stuck in fight-or-flight?


• Could it be that you might be spending your time and energy mistakenly treating your symptoms, and not the underlying cause of those symptoms?


The answer to both questions is an emphatic YES!




Here's an example


Here's how Fight or Flight Therapy changed this person's life.




Case Report


Multiple concussions


     18 year old young woman with history of multiple concussions




     several sports concussions when younger

     and then:

           6 yrs ago: auto accident whiplash

           4 yrs ago: hit in head with Frisbee and knocked out cold

           2 years ago: kicked in head

     very symptomatic and struggling ever since, has seen a variety of doctors and other practitioners with limited success





     stressed and overwhelmed by people, situations, even simple conversation

     feels mentally slower

           difficulty concentrating, reading

           can only read 5-15 minutes maximum

           needs to be all alone and quiet

     can't play piano anymore

           feels like her "brain is splitting apart"

     freezes, gets nervous, shakes

           can't get up and talk in classroom anymore

     severe pain in hands and wrists

           wears hand/wrist supports constantly

           neurologists and specialists don't know the cause of her pain

     gets irritable easily

     goes into emotional 'funks'

     always on guard

           people, new situations, driving

     driving: avoids being in traffic

     very light sensitive

           fluorescent lights trigger headaches

     severe sleep problems

           takes 1½ - 3 hours to fall asleep

           wakes 5 times a night

           takes 5 – 40 minutes to fall back to sleep


Personal Goals for therapy


     1. reduce stress

     2. improve concentration

     3. reduce pain

     4. improve sleep


Initial Fight or Flight Questionnaire Score: 190



Fight or Flight Therapy


3 weeks later


     overall: gets happier faster, better mood easier, gets out of funks faster

     physical therapy is responding quicker

          therapists noticing a real difference

     letting go of stuff easier

          less bothered by how others make her feel

     drove in traffic and didn't get nervous

     sleep: not waking as much and only takes 5-10 min to fall back asleep

     mom says:

          happier, brighter, more positive, more effervescent

          coping better

          "a joy to be around"




final progress evaluation


     despite the added stress of her freshman year of college:

     overall: a lot happier all the time

             can handle non-happy stressful times better

     a lot more comfortable in social situations

     more relaxed

     less irritable

     concentration much better

             can read for up to 1½ hours

             read 3 books last month!

     can play the piano for 3 hours!

     driving in traffic fine

     lights don't bother anymore

     no longer wearing hand/wrist supports

             can write, tie shoes, comb hair

             much less pain, doesn't even think about it

     sleep dramatically improved

             falls asleep fast

             rarely wakes even once

             and if so, falls right back to sleep quickly

     mother's comment: "like night and day"


Personal Goals for Therapy: results


     1. reduce stress: "definitely yes!"

     2. improve concentration: "Yes, a lot"

     3. reduce pain: "Yeeesssss!"

     4. improve sleep: "definitely!"




Fight or Flight Questionnaire Score


Before Fight or Flight Therapy: 190

After Fight or Flight Therapy: 14 !!!




Update: one year later


"I'm not at all the person (who first came to you for help). After your therapy I have become a more confident, outgoing, comfortable person. I find that I'm much more willing to be myself around new acquaintances and say things rather than let them fester in my head.


"My quality of life is so much better!  I can write again, drive without traffic worrying me, and though I'm not completely pain free I am nowhere near the pain level that I was when I came in to see you.


"With the help of your therapy I've become a happier, brighter, more energetic person! And a year later, I'm still feeling the benefits and telling everyone I can about Fight or Flight Therapy."





The Fight or Flight Questionnaire


Is Flight or Flight Therapy right for you?


These area a sampling of symptoms common to people stuck in fight or flight.


How many symptoms do you have?


You might be surprised, or maybe you will confirm what you already suspect.


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Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury
Woman needing help with Traumatic Brain Injury